Sep 4 Lo-Hi

  • ACI – 4.67
  • BIOL – 1.80
  • BSDM – 1.55
  • DVAX – 1.29
  • END – 5.32
  • HTCH – 3.56
  • KERX – 8.95
  • MNKD – 5.95
  • ONVO – 5.96
  • PRXI – 1.73

NOTE: The above are “Low” priced stocks with the potential for a “High percentage gain in the next trading session. Each has a bullish setup on the daily chart and includes the price point which may signal a possible start of a move higher. My objective is to find 3-5 with the best price/volume action and trade them as well as consider as swing positions.

Not long ago a Wall-Street-Hedge-Fund-Finance-MBA guy, now a momentum trader. Father, husband, mediocre soccer player, numbers geek with a lousy sense of humor. Obsessed with risk management, tries hard to "make money every day"

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