Sep 4 Lo-Hi

  • ACI – 4.67
  • BIOL – 1.80
  • BSDM – 1.55
  • DVAX – 1.29
  • END – 5.32
  • HTCH – 3.56
  • KERX – 8.95
  • MNKD – 5.95
  • ONVO – 5.96
  • PRXI – 1.73

NOTE: The above are “Low” priced stocks with the potential for a “High percentage gain in the next trading session. Each has a bullish setup on the daily chart and includes the price point which may signal a possible start of a move higher. My objective is to find 3-5 with the best price/volume action and trade them as well as consider as swing positions.

Noanet Trader is a 15-year trading veteran, mentor, and writer. His mission is to help traders understand the value of defense and capital protection so they can improve trade execution and achieve greater profits.

Posted in Lo-Hi Setups

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